Top 10 FSX Billing Questions

TOP 10 FAQS ABOUT Payments & Billing

1. Where can I access my firm’s File & ServeXpress (FSX) online billing information?

To access your firm’s billing information, simply log in and click on the Billing Information link from the FSX home page.

  • Select the preferred format such as Invoice, Report, Email, or Subscription
  • Select the desired month and year
  • If a Report format was selected, enter the search criteria
  • Click View
2. How can I pay my bill online?

You may submit payment to FSX via a credit card or a checking/savings account through our on-line payment portal:

3. What payment types are accepted?

Credit card types currently supported are VISA, MasterCard, American Express and Discover.

4. What is an Alert fee?

Alerts allow a filer to be notified when newly filed documents have been filed for a specific case. If someone within the firm creates an alert, our system will notify the individual each time something is filed in that case. There is a $20 per alert fee. Until the alert is cancelled, it will remain in place and fees will be incurred at the beginning of each month. Alerts can also be shared with others in the firm/organization for no additional fee.  

5. Why is there a charge for searches and documents when I’m a party to the case?

If you or your firm is involved in the case, there will not be a charge to search for documents related to that case; however, if you choose to search for All Transactions or All Cases, a billing reference number (or, client matter number) should be entered so that fees listed on the invoice can be identified with the specific case involved for that search (the search fee will be displayed on the screen before continuing).

6. What is a transaction report fee?

The transaction report is an ancillary service available on FSX that reflects detailed information regarding your filing and includes the date and time of filing submission, the clerk or judge review status of the filing, the authorizing attorney, the date and time the eservice recipients viewed the documents they were served, and more. When selecting a transaction report, a billing reference or client matter number should be entered so that fees listed on the invoice can be identified with the specific case involved for that report. There is a $10 fee for transaction reports.

7. Why am I being charged U.S Mail Fees?
When serving an individual with your FSX filing, there are two options by which to serve: electronically (eservice) or U.S. Mail. If the individual you are serving has an account with FSX, you will be able to serve them electronically; however, if the individual does not have an account with FSX, the only method available to serve them at the time of filing submission is via U.S. Mail. If you select to serve that individual via U.S. Mail, then your firm will incur the associated fees. If U.S. Mail is the only method of service available to you on the service tab, you may deselect the box next to that party name and you may serve that individual directly on your own and your firm will not incur U.S. Mail fees.
8. What is a paper invoice fee?

Our system defaults to Paper Invoices as the method of invoice delivery, in which case a $10.00 fee applies. Should you elect to receive your monthly invoices electronically, a valid email address must be provided and no fee will be incurred. 

To change from a paper format to an electronic, your firm administrator can easily make this change under the firm’s account via the Preferences link in the top, right corner of the screen upon login. Then, click on the My Organization link and select the radio button next to “Electronic Invoices Only” under the Invoice Option Section. Be sure to click on Save at the bottom of the page to save any changes.

9. Am I charged for rejected filings?

When submitting a filing transaction, FSX pays all filling fees, including any applicable court statutory fee at time of filing; however, if the filing is rejected upon clerk review you will not be charged for the statutory fee.

** Note: If you are requesting a credit of a statutory fee, you will need to contact the court since FSX pays the statutory fee(s) directly to the court each time you submit a filing transaction.  FSX can only credit our filing fees.

10. How can I set up recurring monthly drafts/payments for my FSX invoices?

Completing a payment authorization form will allow you to set up recurring monthly payments via a checking/savings account or credit card.

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