File & ServeXpress offers eFiling and eService as more than a one-way gateway, but as multi-communication, workflow tools for law firms and courts alike. For law firms looking for ways to increase their productivity and profitability, File & ServeXpress provides both while incorporating security and reliability. In addition, attorneys have a responsibility to protect their clients’ information, and the File & ServeXpress solutions offer multiple layers of security, ease of use, and much better record keeping than email or cloud-based storage solutions.

With clients ranging from AM Law 200, to large plaintiff firms who are managing complex litigation, File & ServeXpress offers firms a complete range of online features for the life of the case, including historical tracking, document repository, expert client service, and connection to key jurisdictions including Washington D.C., Illinois, Delaware, California, and Texas.

For All Users


eFiling that works the way you do. Secure, online, centralized, and flexible for the full-spectrum of litigation complexity.​​


Eliminate uncertainty and delays when you send documents to opposing counsel. Receive instant proof of your electronic service delivery.​

Case Alerts

Our electronic assistant is ready to proactively monitor the system 24x7x365 for new case activity, based on your custom parameters.​


Gain a global overview and fast access to all cases in one spot. Respond quickly and effortlessly to any changes pertinent to a case. View all the cases that have message board activity first or prioritize cases according to what action is required.​

Searchable Repository

Search within your own cases, as well as around the country, with our fully customizable case history searches. It's quick and easy to find the cases you need with just the click of a button!​

24x7 Client Support

Questions will be answered any time, night or day. Our support personnel are knowledgeable and are trained on jurisdictional specific rules and procedures.​

For Law Firms

Comprehensive eService

Enjoy a verifiable audit trail of eService recipients and their receipt of documents. This eliminates hearings before the court regarding claims of non-service of documents.

Billing Information Dashboard

View past invoices and obtain real-time reports of File & Serve billing activity. Request an electronic copy of an invoice via email.

Historical Document Repository

The document repository provides real-time access to all filed and served documents within a case. Our repository offers immediate read, print, and download access to the image.

Advancement of All Court Fees

Don’t bother writing a check or giving the court your credit card for every case you file into. Let us send the court all of your court fees on a daily basis and give you until the end of the month to pay them.

Custom Document Lists

Create and manage lists of user-defined documents that are available on the File & Serve system. Users can name their CDL and store detailed notes (both private and shared). Use CDL to assist in deposition or trial preparation for easy reference and access.​

Batch Filing

Bundle large volumes of filings to be sent to a specific court in one easy step. The need to enter each transaction and/or case individually is eliminated. The filer is also able to retrieve information about submitted filings without having to pull up the individual transaction records within the File & Serve system.

For Courts

Clerk Review

Access all new notices and filings reviewed that are pending approval. Locate all new notices of cases and access a court users most recent filings in a convenient inbox. Track and manage all filing and service activity including rejected documents.​

Judge Review

Gain electronic access to the originally filed format of documents needing judicial review; a quick link to the Judicial Review area for each item, the ability to delay items to a future date and quick-access to the delayed Items queue. Delayed items will automatically be re-inserted into the “Items for Judicial Review”. The need for separate judicial eServe addresses is eliminated.​

Filing Fees/ACH Payment Information & Reports

Verify eFiling funds transferred to the court by FSX. Track funds internally and reconcile payments. View previous or recent payments at any time.​

For Government Agencies

Our secure eFiling and eService solutions allow documents to be electronically filed with government and public agencies. The intake process is fully automated, eliminating the need for paper-based and fax filing. With eFiling and eService, agencies can also eliminate the costly overhead associated with the handling, organizing, and storing of paper-based documents.

Agencies that use File & ServeXpress are able to establish a much more efficient intake workflow and report significant time and resource savings. Additionally, once a user eFiles or eServes to the agency, they are able to instantly pay the fees and receive immediate filing receipts and verifiable proof of service records. All documents are securely stored online and easily tracked, traced and organized for quick reference.

For Media Researchers

With deadlines looming and precious time to capture the correct, most-up-to-date details, you’ve got to trust your source for case documents. Welcome to File & ServeXpress. Search our online eFiled document repository for the latest and most comprehensive source for all case documents.

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