Document Management with File & ServeXpress

Document Management

with File & ServeXpress

Manage Your Case Documents Effortlessly

No matter your number of filings or documents, File & ServeXpress provides tools that help law firms store and organize their filing data effectively. 

File & ServeXpress assists clients all across the country manage their filed and served documents quickly and securely. Contact us to learn more.

All Your Documents, One Location

Stop searching your email inbox or filing cabinet for case files. Any document you file, serve, or upload on our platform is automatically saved to the cloud for easy and permanent access. 

Read, print, or download your documents from anywhere with internet access.

Find What You Need Effortlessly

Tracking down your case-related documents doesn’t need to be difficult.

Our search engine-inspired tools include filters for Case Number, File/Serve Status, case category, date filed, and more, for easy access to any document in your case history. 

Organize Documents Your Way

Our platforms help you better manage your documents. Create custom document lists, write notes on document groups, upload case documents to share firm-wide, and more.

Use another document management system? No problem. You can easily move documents from File & ServeXpress to your own system using our Case Conformer tool. 

Additional Features by FSX


Low Hassle eFiling for
Filings of Any Size

Our eFiling solutions are designed to minimize the actions required for document uploads through automatic PDF conversions and title entry.


Comprehensive eService
You Can Track

Efficiently eServe all parties for filing transactions or independently serve discovery documents and more. We provide instant proof of service and a verifiable audit trail.


File Dozens of Cases With
a Single Transaction

No need to submit every filing one at a time. Our Batch Filing toolset allows users to file dozens (or hundreds) of cases with a single transaction. Batch file yourself or let us do it for you.

Let’s Get Started

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