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View the Court of Common Pleas website for further details regarding rules, forms, and other instructions:

Enabled Case Types

Abandon PropertyDeclaratory JudgmentsNegligence-Property Action
Administrative MV AppealDefamation and Libel ActionsPersonal Injury
Birth CertificateDog Panel AppealPetition for Writs
Breach of ContractErrors & Omissions ActionsRed Light Appeal
Change of Name PetitionExpungment 4-904 (o)Replevins
Civil Actions T/Enforce WRK CompForeign JudgmentSpeed Case: Claim Value $10,000 – $50,000
Civil JudgmentHabitual Offender PetitionSpeed JP Appeal: $10,000 – $50,000
CommissionsInterpleaderStatutory CV Actions (Cons Frd)
Confirmation of Arbitrator AwardJP Appeal With FeesSubrogation
Consumer DebtJP Appeal Without FeesTort Claims for Conversion
CP Civil Case TypesMesne Attachment 
DebtNegligence-Personal Injury Act 

Rules and Orders:

Filing Deadline:
11:59 P.M.

Electronic Signature Requirements:
/s/ First Name Last Name