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File & ServeXpress provides an ongoing resource for media in the areas of legal document exchange through electronic filing and service. Our expert team creates thought leadership and guides the media around topics including the future of e-Filing and e-Service, legal document exchange, court implementations and law firm automation.

For expert resources or media inquiries, please contact:

Chris Wallach
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About File & ServeXpress

File & ServeXpress, headquartered in Irving, Texas, was formed in 2012 through an acquisition of two of the pioneers of e-Filing and electronic service – CaseFileXpress and File & Serve, a former LexisNexis company. The resulting combination brought together more than 30 years of experience in legal e-Filing and service delivery to form the leader in the industry.

File & ServeXpress brings together an established, comprehensive record of success in working with courts around the country to implement electronic filing with existing e-Filing and/or e-Service projects spanning 30 states and the District of Columbia. File & ServeXpress manages more than 45 million documents a year, has implemented nearly 300 jurisdictions and has more than 165,000 users and 39,000 law firm clients, representing the top 100 law firms in the country. All of which are provided with a variety of free training resources and 24/7/365 support options.

File & ServeXpress combines exceptional client service and advanced e-Filing and e-Service technology with the management and financial strength of its private investors. File & ServeXpress was formed by the shareholders of MMC Group, LP, Strait Lane Capital and Rosewood Private Investments specifically to acquire File & Serve and CaseFileXpress.